When Chris was 5 years old, he discovered
that he was destined for a musical life. His
father was a big band woodwind player and
had a family music store in Atlanta, GA.
Chris began drumming at the age of 9. Like
most percussionist, lessons started
with a pair of size 2B drumsticks and a rubber
practice pad. Then in middle school the
other drummers began to get serious, the
rubber pad was history and every student
went for the drum set. During this time, Chris
began private lessons with jazz drummer Gibbi
Lobe. After a year of private lessons, he was on
his way to discover his own style.
  High school consisted of Marching band, jazz band, and
concert band. When he was a senior in high school he
began teaching at Boca Ciega High school. During this
time, he began his DCI (Drum Corps International)
education. The summers of 92 and 93, he was a
touring snare drummer and featured soloist for the Magic
Drum and Bugle corps. During these years Chris had the
opportunity to study under some of the finest percussion
instructors in the Nation. Pictured below are his instructors
through high school and Magic.
Magic 93' Snare Line. Chris is 5th from the left
Mitch Marcum, Rich Viano, Mickey Hartzog
These guys all marched Suncoast Sound
  After returning home from drum corps, he
returned to his drum set and played in many
alternative rock bands in the Tampa bay area.
Chris continued to teach for many of the local high
schools and teach privately.

   In December of 1995 he began performing his
bucket show for the thousand of party goers on 7th
Avenue in Ybor City, FL. For two years he never
missed a weekend night in Ybor City. As the bucket
show grew, so did the venues. Today, Chris has
performed all over the south east U.S.